Virtual Conversation for the 2023-2028 Strategic Plan

CVSD has embarked on the process of creating a new and comprehensive strategic plan. The plan will be based on the input and engagement of the entire CVSD community. Last week we gathered feedback from in-person focus groups and insight sessions with students, parents, staff and community members. In addition, we kicked off an online tool to further the discussions and engage with all members of the CVSD community.

We are excited to share this new idea management tool called Crowdicity. Crowdicity allows you to respond to questions — called “challenges” — and provide your feedback to district leaders. In a few simple steps you’ll be able to share your ideas, rate other people’s ideas, and even respond to other people within the challenge. All of the feedback gathered through the challenge will be used to help the CVSD Strategic Planning Core Team develop a draft strategic plan this winter.


To participate in the Crowdicity platform:

  1. First, you must register as a user on the CESO Crowdicity website
    • Registration requires a valid email address
      NOTE: your email address will NOT be publicly visible
    • Create a user name
      NOTE: your username WILL be visible to other participants
    • Create your own password
    • Confirm your password
    • Agree to the terms of use
    • Click "register"
    • Like other online registrations, you will receive a confirmation email to confirm that you are indeed registering on the platform and not spam. 
  2. Once your registration is confirmed, choose one of the two prompt questions and select "post an idea" to share your thoughts and comments in answer to the challenge question
  3. After you post your idea, take a moment to rate and comment on the ideas of others.
  4. In contrast to a survey, this is a live, ongoing engagement. You are encouraged to visit the challenge multiple times during the engagement window to vote on ideas, and to rate and respond to the comments of other CVSD participants. 
  5. To be notified of new ideas or comments, click the “subscribe” button at the top of the page.


The CVSD Strategic Planning engagement challenge will remain open through the end of the day on Monday, November 14. During that time you are encouraged to engage with each question multiple times to fully participate in the discussion, respond to ideas from others and discover how your ideas compare. 

Thank you for taking part in this important process.

Watch for updates on the strategic plan process here: